Continuing Care

Continuing Care is an essential part of treatment.

Finishing a structured treatment program is a big accomplishment. Like other chronic health conditions, addiction requires long-term care and support. Working with your Miklat counsellor and your healthcare provider, you will develop a continuing care (aftercare) plan that is right for you. Continuing care plans can help maintain the healthy changes you made during treatment. These plans can include the components described below.


Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention plans can reduce both the chance and severity of relapses. A relapse is when a person returns to alcohol or other drug use after a period of not using or of controlled use. A plan can help others understand how to support your recovery and help you get back on track if you have a relapse.  Relapse prevention plans are based on an understanding of your drug or alcohol use (e.g., previous relapses, triggers, high-risk situations, warning signs) and include strategies for managing potential triggers.


Aftercare Planning

An aftercare plan is developed during a clients primary phase, providing a detailed instruction manual for clients to follow once they leave treatment.  This plan is customized to suit individual needs and depends upon factors such as clients location of residence, type and severity of addiction, healthcare and mental health needs, and individual triggers for relapse.


Alumni Meetings

After graduation, clients have an opportunity to attend alumni meetings as well as in-house meetings.  Alumni meetings provide support to graduates by giving them an outlet to discuss daily struggles and victories as well as to socialize and escape isolation.


Remote Online Support

Graduates may connect remotely to online alumni meetings with other graduates, staff, and counsellors.  One on one remote sessions with counsellors are available for a fee.  

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